Pre-Travel Vaccination Advisory for Clients Travelling to East Africa

The following vaccinations are recommended for visitors travelling to East Africa.

  1. Yellow Fever
    This is the only mandatory vaccination and should be administered at least 10 days before departure to East Africa. It confers protection against Yellow Fever for ten years. Travellers over 65 years of age are exempt, but they need to get endorsement in the certificate.
  2. Other recommended but optional vaccinations are:
    • Typhoid (Typhim Vi)
    • Hepatitis A & B
    • Meningitis ACW135Y
    • Rabies (for people working with animals)
    • Cholera

It is recommended that any vaccinations be administered at least 1 to 2 weeks before travel, though travellers can also arrange to receive their optional vaccinations immediately after arrival in East Africa to reduce costs.

Other protective measures for travellers to East Africa include bringing appropriate malaria prophylactic drugs (which should be commenced at time of departure to an endemic area outside Nairobi) and miscellaneous antiseptics, insect repellents etc.

A general guide to disease, travel and vaccinations in the tropics can be found here.

Further queries can be sent directly to the CTTM website.

21 February 2012.