Information and prices on vaccinations offered at CTTM

YELLOW FEVEROnefor life> 9 months4100.00
TYPHOID (Typhim VI) Single vialOne3 years> 2 years2700.00
TYPHOID (Typhim VI) Multiple vialOne3 years> 2 years2000.00
HEPATITIS B EUVAX PaediatricThree10 years< 15 Years1200.00 per dose
HEPATITIS B EUVAX AdultThree10 years> 15 years1700.00 per dose
HEPATITIS A. (HAVRIX) PaediatricsTwo10 years> 1 year4000.00 per dose
HEPATITIS A. (HAVRIX) AdultTwo10 years> 15 years 4500.00 per dose
MEASLES, MUMPS & RUBELLA (MMR)TwoFor life> 9 months1900.00
ADACEL POLIO (DIPTHERIA, TETANUS, Pertusis & Inj. Polio)One10 years> 4 Years5500.00
VAXIGRIP TETRA (FLU)One1 year> 6 months2000.00
MENINGOCOCCAL ACWY135 (MENACTRA) TwoFor life9 months - 2 years7800.00 per dose
MENINGOCOCCAL ACWY135 (MENACTRA) OneFor life> 2 years7800.00 per dose
PREVENAR 13OneFor life> 6 weeks6000.00
TETANUSOne for Booster; Three for primary5 YearsAll ages500.00 per dose
TWINRIX (Hepatitis A+ Hepatitis B) PaediatricThree10 years> 2 to 15 Years4500.00 per dose
TWINRIX (Hepatitis A+ Hepatitis B) AdultThree10 Years> 15 years5000.00 per dose
ANTI-RABIES VERORABThree for Pre-exposure. Five for Post-exposure5 YearsAll ages2800.00 per dose
ROTARIXTwoFor life< 6 Months3200.00 per dose
CERVERIXThreeFor life> 10 Years4200.00 per dose
VARILRIX (CHICKEN POX)TwoFor life> 1 Year5200.00 per dose
CHOLERA (Oral Vaccine) SHANCHOLTwo5 years> 1 year2200.00 per dose

Check to see if your travel vaccinations are up to date. Vaccinations are available on request.

Antirabies (verorab)
  • Pre-exposure: days 0,7,21, or 28;
  • booster after 1 year and every 5 years.
N.B. If bitten get 2 doses on day 0 and 3 if you had received vaccination before. If you never received the pre-exposure vaccination then get on days 0, 3,7, 14 & 28.

Vaccine prices may vary slightly in future.